Jake Banks found his calling early on at school as he began painting and mixed media filmmaking. Jake’s unique aesthetic and manifold talents, including direction, design VFX and animation, stem from his background as a fine artist.

After years working at studios such as Fuel and BNS, Jake, with EP Matthew Marquis, founded Stardust, the award winning, full service commercial production company where he served as both owner and director. A year later, with a staff of sixty, the company expanded, opening their first New York City offices and began work for a broad and compelling client base including such brands as Nike, Ford, Mercedes, Nokia, Microsoft and Toyota.

After nearly a decade at the helm, Jake moved on from Stardust to focus on directing. Jake signed at acclaimed production company Prettybird where he was allowed to focus strictly on evolving his skills as a director.

Seeing yet another opportunity to fuse his creative and industry experience with like minded peers, Jake has joined forces with EP Matthew Marquis and VFX CD Guillaume Marien to form Golden- a new take on the studio model where the live action, design, animation, and VFX pipeline are all truly integrated into the creative and production process from the company’s inception.